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Specially selected & exclusive wines at reasonable prices

Welcome to your portal into a world of winemaking where producers are dedicated to the pursuit of affordable, quality wines.


Why order from our wine shop online?

  • We proudly and fiercely do not sell “the over-promoted, over-discounted dross that will swamp our market unless we stand up to be counted in the name of good wine, real wine, made by real people in real places.” (Oz Clarke 2008 Guide.)
  • We do sell wines to make you sit up and take notice.
  • Mix your own or if you’re in a rush have one we prepared earlier.
  • Order by lunchtime for next working day delivery to your door.
  • 100% no quibble guarantee - just let us know.
  • We love our wines, we know all our suppliers personally, we ship directly from them and drink their wines ourselves.
  • Wine commentators love our wines. We receive a fantastically high amount of recommendations in the national press.
  • We also love food – see our recipe suggestions for all the wines.


The web makes access to these exclusive wines possible as they will never produce enough to be of interest to the big buying chains. We have discovered these passionate craftsmen and women who are thrilled to be able to get their wines to the UK public for the first time via our wine shop online.

My name is Mark Hughes. I have spent my entire professional life in the Wine Trade as, amongst other things, Wine Controller for Safeway and UK Sales and Marketing Director for Hardy's Australian Wines. The Real Wine Company was the result of a Victor Meldrew-like rant against the impossibility of finding real wines which make you sit up and take notice. Over the years I have discovered gorgeous wines from around the world made by individual wine producers passionate about their wines. We created The Real Wine Company, a leading wine shop online,  to showcase these wines and winemakers.

We feel that supermarkets can be a bit like a jumble sale where you can occasionally find a bargain. We see ourselves as prospectors on behalf of our customers; finding valuable nuggets for us all to enjoy year in, year out.

The Real Wine Company is your private gateway to our producers from around the world who are dedicated to producing quality wines at affordable prices.

Everyone has a friend, or a friend of a friend who has had a holiday abroad and discovered a small wine estate with fabulous wines and prices. They wish that they could find them over here. We cannot re-create that experience, but we can certainly re-kindle the afterglow of satisfaction that comes from discoveries like these.