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Press and Customer Comments


Ridgeback Estate Vigonier: "Viognier is a trendy, slightly unusual white grape, and hered the wine makers have managed to capture its trademark apricot and honeysuckle characters... worth pushing the boat for."


Chateau d'or et des Geueles Les Cimels Rosé: "Irresistible. Pink summer classic"


"An absolute peach"


Domaine de Luc Viognier: "Several notches above the Languedoc Viognier norm."


Sachetto Pinot Rosa: "This delight should be on everyone's picnic table"


Sachetto Prosecco: "Highly drinkable, a great pick-me-up"


Pietraluna Negro Amaro: "Another brilliant value red, this is supple, pure, sweet and spicy with delicious plum, raspberry and blackberry fruit."

Ridgeback Chenin Blanc: "No hurry to drink this... A lovely tangy finish. Good stuff."

Anarkos: "Absolutely delicious...This is lush and plush like velvet in a Tyrrhenian purple"


Chiarli Lambrusco: "A dry, fizzy red wine... that's properly delicious"


Verus Riesling: "I love the fragrant, floral Verus Riesling"

Lascamp White: "An incredibly pretty white wine"



Boas Vinhas Dao Red: "elegant and modern."

Ventisquero Pinot Noir: "stylish and delicious."

Tour Trencavel La Liviniere: "really lively and complex, with great balance and juiciness."

We had a great night, and you may even be responsible for a romance as your relaxed atmosphere, and the excellent wine you provided gave one of my colleagues I've liked for a while the courage to ask me out, and me the courage to say yes (he was the very tall blonde-ish one sat two away from my left). So thank you very much!

Tons de Dourum: "savoury, energising Portuguese red."

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the great case again.
Just for future cases, I didn't like the Chapelle Du Pic rose - of all the wines you've sent, the only dud!
Keep up the good work,

Ch. d'Or et de Gueules Cimels Red: "a perennial favourite;
generous and spicy."

Good to hear from you - nice to get the personal touch! The Furmint was/is spectacular - it really stands out and I will definitely get some more at some point.

The champagne is also fantastic - lots of friends bowled over by such an innocuously labelled (and cheap) champagne. General consensus being that it knocks the socks off the "name" brands. Feel free to quote me on that!

Rueda Verdejo: "an impressive, super-fresh Spanish white."